Trout Recipes

Trout Recipes

Trout is one of those distinctive fish that tastes sweet, nutty and absolutely delicious. Where you get it from will really influence the flavour of the fish, so where possible, buy it fresh from a fishmonger or buy it frozen. Make sure that your fish doesn't smell fishy - if it does, it's probably past its best. For some delicious recipes, including Chinese steamed trout, blackened trout and trout baked with cider and apples, take a look below.

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About Trout Fish:

If you buy your trout from a shop, chances are it is farmed trout. There's nothing wrong with this and the flavour will still be good, but it will be milder than fresh trout so it will need more flavourings and seasoning added to it. If you catch the trout yourself or you buy it from a responsible fishmonger, the flavour will be strong and sweeter and it will not need as much seasoning.

A great way to cook trout is to smoke it very simply using a smoker and wood chips. It's also delicious barbequed or pan-fried with a pinch of salt and pepper. For a great pan-fried trout recipe, as well as a few spicy trout recipes, take a look at the recipes above. uses measurements and ingredients for the United Kingdom. If you are located elsewhere in the world, you may find makes more sense to you!

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